Journées remplies et inspirantes

Journées remplies et inspirantes

Day 4 started with a Regional Session, where we joined with all the delegations from the Americas to discuss matters specific to our region. For instance, the candidature of Peru for the Regional Meeting in January was debated, as well as ways to improve NMO representation in the IFMSA. For the latter, our delegation members were particularly active in discussing, among others, the importance of selecting the date for a General Assembly in collaboration with all NMOs, so that the best compromise can be achieved and each delegation can be as big as it would like to. In the evening, we didn’t have time to elect the IFMSA international team, but it has been done at the next plenary, on the last day. I have to say that the candidates for the international positions are one of the most passionate and driven people I met in my life up to now. I am very glad to have been able to interact with them, as their energy is an inspiring force for newcomings to the GA. For a person who, like me, is just starting in this field, it is very exciting to see the perspectives of international involvement in the IFMSA and see how students can grow to take up responsibilities of high importance.

About the exchanges: we still have some unfilled spots for the year, so my last days were about working it out! Still, some arrangements will have to be done by email afterwards.

Finally, Activities Fair was on the last day. I was assigned our mental health awareness project, OSMOSE, right before the fair so I had to improvise a bit. I still feel like I was able to make a convincing presentation about OSMOSE and answer well all the questions of the visitors. However, after seeing the stands of other projects, I felt like the ones representing IFMSA-Québec’s projects could be better. Of course, all our presentations were high-quality ones, and, in the end, the project speaks by itself. But the visual aspect of our stand could really be improved to make us stand-out and to show that IFMSA-Québec’s projects are as blooming as they really are. I will do my best to improve this project representation in front of the world in the future, as part of my mandate of VP-Projects 2016-2017.