Jour 2: NMO Management on strategic plan

Jour 2: NMO Management on strategic plan

Today we talked about how important is to have a strategic plan and to make it known for our members.


So we should send it to all our members again this year through all types of social media, until everyone get sick of it or if they all heard about it.


We also talked a really good promoting activity: toilet posters. These posters work very well because people don’t have anything else to do then read these posters.


It’s also important to present the vision of IFMSA-Québec at the beginning of the year, when we are introducing our NMO to medical students.


Then I worked in a small working group on the topic of members’ development.


The output: there should be three way to develop our members. Different strategy should be used for new, old and TO members.


For the new members:

  • 1-introduction to NMO (caravane de la rentrée, with a good presentation on the structure of IFMSA-QC, experiences of old members, how people evolve trough out their years of implication)
  • 2-make a new members’ welcome package (during the first NGA- the autumn congress): activity fair, training activities and implementation of NMO buddies, which is the pairing of new members with an old member
  • 3-evaluation: what went good and wrong, to improve and keep them (at the end of NGA)
  • Old members:
  • 1-assessment of what they need and want they want
  • 2-show them how much we appreciate their work
  • 3-activities to keep them motivated: vino and cheese 😉 (the mid-term party, our IFMSA-Quebec’s Christmas party)
  • National board:
  • 1-assessment
  • 2-reflection on how much they have achieved (maybe use the training that I attended on persona development during this GA. This could be an activity that we can do during the mid mandate)
  • 3-relaxing and mental health activities
  • 4-personal growth: more enhanced trainings and mental health benefits trainings

The during the night, we had two plenary sessions. Camille, the president of IFMSA-Quebec, presents her candidature for the SUPCo of IFMSA. We are all really proud of her and of her speech. She is great great great.