Ideas about Social Entrepreneurship

Ideas about Social Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship

presentation by Günter Faltin, professor at the Free University Berlin
This topic sparked particular interest amongst delegates, and spurred on a lengthy question-answer period. Mr. Faltin presented an unusual model for young social entrepreneurs, which at first seems paradoxical by normal business conventions.

His proposed social enterprise has not fixed start-up costs and no specialization of labour. Instead, he speaks of the enterprise as an orchestra, where each component is outsourced to a professional provider. Thus, the entrepreneur becomes the creator of ideas, and channels the work of marketers, logistic companies, accountants, lawyers, to manage the success of this idea. Mr. Faltin argues that in an era of technological development, this has become possible. Thus, the entrepreneur is not longer a banker, accountant, marketer or administrator – he or she is an innovator. Mr. Faltin argues that it is impossible to be both an administrator and an innovator at the same time.

He further argues that the recipe for a successful business in the 21st century is somewhat contrary to what has been believed for generations – that a high quality product, low price and fair trade concepts are all possible in a competitive market. He calls youth to act upon the power of social entreprise and innovation in their respective countries.


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