Hello, it’s me (again) – RM2016, Montevideo, Uruguay

Hello, it’s me (again) – RM2016, Montevideo, Uruguay

From sunrise to sunset ☀. I’ve noticed an odd pattern of travelling to countries with suns on their flags.

Uruguay, host of the Regional Meeting 2016, has a bright sun symbolizing freedom and independence.

Macedonia, host of the August Meeting 2015, is infamous for its sunsets. I had the chance to witness many on Lake Ohrid.

I also travelled to Japan in 2011. The red circle in the flag represents the circle of the sun.

The Regional Meeting of the Americas is the greatest responsibility of a Regional Assistant (RA). Around 200 students from all over the Americas are travelling thousands of miles to meet in Uruguay and discuss IFMSA. The RA must prepare sessions for a week and make sure that the participants are learning in a dynamic way. It’s hard to believe that I am the SCOPH RA for the Americas.

I’ve been planning my sessions for a few months now, and I can’t wait to meet all the SCOPHians coming to the RM. I hope to inspire them to continue the great work in their respective countries. I also want to provide a platform where they can share their projects and learn from each other. I am also looking forward to the Public Health Training (preRM) I am organizing with Skander Essafi, the Liaison Officer for Public Health.

This being my 3rd IFMSA meeting, there isn’t much left to say about myself. I encourage you to read my previous blog posts if you have some time to spare. I am as excited as my first meeting in Colombia for the RM2015. All I want to add is that IFMSA has changed me for the better, and that I am now extremely lucky to have such great memories and friends around the world.

Orange hugs,
Aline D. Khatchikian
SCOPH RA for the Americas
Local President for IFMSA-Quebec at Laval University
Member of IFMSA-Quebec’s Board of Directors