Goals from the GA: Results

Goals from the GA: Results

Quick recap of my goals and what happened with them:

1) Sign contracts with the delegations I planned to sign with and not be lost in the kerfuffle of the contract fair and accidentally sign with the wrong NMO
Result: No accidental contracts were signed. All planned contracts were signed.

2) Win over the NMO’s, the « ones that got away »
Result: Ok, so I didn’t manage to win over IMCC yet (the case continues), but I did squeeze in an extra contract with Japan. I did open up talks with new NMOs for possible future contracts (Medsin-UK, IFMSA-Granada, IFMSA-China, IFMSA-Morocco).

3) Learn from other NOREs how to promote the exchanges program within my NMO (ideally without Facebook spamming, but I’m determined to find an algorithm that works at all costs)
Result: I attended a workshop on how to promote SCORE in my NMO and it was very useful. In this day of technology, I’ve come to realize how futile printing out stickers and other promotional material is. We will hold an information session at each local committee in the fall and promote the heck out of the available local officer positions. We will also look into the possibility of sending Christmas cards to our loyal researchers to maintain their favour and will have another researcher recruitment wave in the fall. At all local committees. Get READY. 

4) Meet new people/make new friends/learn how to say: « Hello I’m lost, where is the buffet » in as many languages as my memory can consolidate
Result: I really made an effort with Dutch and Danish. It was largely unfruitful.
I could lie to you all and post quick Google translations, but I would be lying to myself and to my fellow readers. I acknowledge my failures and shall shoulder them eternally.

5) Apply to Supervising Board and join IFMSA on an international regulatory level

Result: the bylaw that prohibited me from applying after 1 GA was not lifted, but I will apply again at the March Meeting in MALLLLTA (my 2nd GA). Shout out to Koen (SCORE-D elect) and Luiza (SCORE-D) for their encouragement!