From – 35 to +35

From – 35 to +35

The temperature difference was shocking. My arrival to Asuncion, Paraguay happened on a “warm” day (according to locals), with only +35 degrees outside, and a burning sunshine. Warm is also the word to describe the atmosphere in which the arrival day happened. Everyone was so happy to finally meet or see again the socially committed people with who they have worked on amazing projects during the last years. With the energy typical for the Americas, the meeting was inaugurated in a formal opening ceremony in the evening and, as always, with inspiring speeches from the Regional Director and the President of IFMSA.

I am head of the Québec delegation for this meeting. This is so exciting, yet I already feel the pressure of my responsibilities, having to guide everyone, make sure everything will be fine, and make sure the input of Québec students is given on all discussed initiatives. But my first mission as head of delegation was to find nice clothes for two of my delegates who had issues with their flights and luggage. The girls were at the hotel, but absolutely needed to be present for the opening ceremony – so I called the reception and convinced them in Spanish that it was a matter of uttermost importance, and that they should provide the keys to my room to the girls.

As the ceremony is starting with beautiful performances of local artists, I can feel the enthusiasm of my delegates – if they keep the same energy for the rest of the meeting, it will be truly amazing.