Final report and Follow-up

Final report and Follow-up

With the current Youth Forum report now published (, there is a question of follow-up actions and implementation of the recommendations. During the Forum, several delegates and representatatives from previous Commissions presented their progress since 2009…

Follow-up from the 6th Youth Forum

5 delegates from the previous Youth Forum in 2009 were invited to share their experiences in implementing the recommendations of the Youth Report from 2009. Their achievements ranged from collaborating internationally to establishing a Youth desk in their country. Furthermore, Marie-Christine Lecompte presented the work of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO in preparing the Youth Engagement toolkit. Below are some examples of youth achievements over the years:

  1. Miguel Angel Carreón Sánchez was a former delegate in 2005. He is currently the Director General of the Mexican Youth Institute, and attributed the Youth Forum as being a key driver to his success. He started off the session by saying: “In order to make change happen, you have to have a dream. But first you have to start with yourself. Sometimes youth have a dream, but they can’t even make their bed in the morning, can’t get to class on time, and can’t get along with their families. The most important step towards change is starting with yourself”.
  2. Xing Chiu and Sylvia Namukasa spoke about their collaboration on the Kyempapu project in Uganda, which was the result of their meeting at the 2009 Youth Forum.  Xing also spoke about her initiative to organize a school trip for children in an underpriviledged neighbourhood to visit Ottawa and the Rideau Canal.
  3. Edwin Haluoleo Agus Mokodompit, was able to establish a youth desk in Indonesia in 2010, a year after the 2009 Youth Forum recommended that governments promote the establishment of such youth organizations in their structures. With the youth desk, Edwin organized “Karawita Muda” – a festival aimed at preserving the intangible natural heritage of Indonesian traditional music. They also establisehd a weekly radio broadcast called “Voices of Youth.” For more information about Edwin’s initiative can be found at :
  4. Ibrahim Mothana from Yemen organized “I love my book” campaign that taught children in underpriveldged schools about reading. He finished his speech with a humorous quote “If you think you are too small to change the world, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito.”
  5. Carlos Andres Cisneros Pazmino is currently establishing youth desks in Ecuador and other Latin American Countries

Let’s see what the next couple of years will bring…