Fear And Loathing In El Salvador

Fear And Loathing In El Salvador

January 4th in Salvador; Day 4 (kindoff… considering that the day changes at midnight and this entry is written relatively shortly after the change of day).

Here’s my thoughts of day 2, January 2nd, written on day 4.

One thing I’ve noticed in San Salvador was fear. Talking to some of the locals of the city, whether they were cops or medschool students, I was informed that some areas of the city were considered dangerous and that it was absolutely not recommended to wander around these places. Little did they know that before asking them, I’ve already wondered along side colleagues in »El Centro Historico; an area considered to be »very » dangerous.

Taking in consideration this warning, I still ended up revisiting that place with some friends. Indeed, the entry written the first of January reflected mainly what I saw in the »beautiful » Centro Historico of the city; I had to revisit that place and it was definitely worth it.

Along side 3 people, I felt no danger and no threat from civilians. Actually, all they wanted to do was to sell me random goods to make money to afterwards hope to live another day.

I ask myself : In broad daylight, what’s the danger? Is it the fear of the loathing of the poor that drives the »well off » away from the reality of the country?