Basic knowledge of Spanish (ou agreement to take a Spanish course before departure).


A six week immersion in Peru which consists of :

  • One week in Lima to take a course in Spanish medical language
  • Five weeks in the tropics in Iquitos, the largest city that is not accessible by road in the world, which includes:
    • Four weeks of observation at the Apoyo Iquitos Hospital “Cesar Garayar Garcia” involving one week in each of the following four departments:
      • Obstetrics and gynecology
      • Pediatrics
      • Internal medicine (infectiology)
      • Surgery
      • *If interested, participants also have the possibility of doing night or evening duty at the emergency department, but it is their own responsibility to make the necessary steps to ask for it
    • One week to complete the different volunteer projects in which you have participated in the community.

• At the hospital, you will participate in roundings with your superiors. You may be questioned by them like clerks and will have the possibility to take part and even to present on different topics related to infectiology during lunch-time conferences (ideally in Spanish, but it is possible to present in English) based on a scientific article. You will have access to the delivery rooms and will be able to observe the surgeries. Every day, you will be confronted with common health problems in this region of Peru, such as infectious diseases like AIDS, malaria, dengue fever, tuberculosis or teenage pregnancy.

• Throughout your 5 weeks in Iquitos, you will have the opportunity to participate in community life, depending on your interests. You will have the opportunity to carry out several projects with a high school, such as sex education workshops (SCORA’s “Sexperts” project), French or English lessons, hand washing and tooth brushing workshops. You can collaborate with “Padre Ramon” by volunteering in one of his 3 reception centers (for the elderly, for people with HIV or for the homeless) to prepare lunches, organize activities or bring residents to the movie theater.

• Spanish is a big asset for this immersion because you will be able to do more than just observe during your stay and appreciate your experience more.


• In Lima, you can stay in a hostel or rent an apartment as a group, depending on your preferences.

• In Iquitos, you will be welcomed by a host family if a relationship of collaboration and exchange can be established during the organization of this year’s SCOI internship. Otherwise, you will stay in a youth hostel or apartment while having people on site to guide and supervise you regarding your volunteering in the community, internship at the hospital, or any other concern.

In hopes of meeting you to wish you ¡Buen viaje!