The international immersion course in China is a UNIQUE opportunity to follow Chinese doctors and students and to discuss with them both medicine and politics. Moreover, it is a golden chance to discover traditional Chinese medicine and to learn about Chinese culture and special situations in the southern regions of Asia.

This 5 week internship takes place in Guilin. Guilin is a “small” city of 4.5 million people located in the province of Guangxi, in southern China. Guilin is known and renowned for its natural beauty and breathtaking mountain scenery, as this proverb demonstrates: 桂林 山水 甲天下 (free translation: the most beautiful landscapes in the world are in Guilin). Not only does this city attract millions of tourists from all corners, it is also rich in history and culture. Did you know that China is not only the country of “ethnic” Chinese but of 56 different ethnic groups (Han, Mongols, Tai, Koreans, Hui, Russians, Tibetans, etc.)? Guilin is a city where we can find 39 of these ethnicities! Talk about culture… It is the ideal city to have an enriching, educational and unforgettable experience! In addition, it is the cleanest and environmental city in all of China, a true refuge for lovers of nature and clean air.

Although you will not be living with a Chinese family, you will be staying in a hostel located within walking distance of the hospital, which, believe me, does not detract from the exotic aspect of a SCOI internship! All at a very affordable price of 35-40 Yuan / night (approximately 8 Canadian dollars). Moreover, Guilin is not a disadvantaged environment in itself: the hospital is very well equipped, medical procedures are very similar to those performed in the West, and all basic services available in North America are offered in Guilin. However, due to the presence of major gaps in the organization of the Chinese health system and poor prevention, the local population remains vulnerable to several tropical pathologies including madness, acariasis,

All in all, this internship allows you to learn a lot about the lifestyle of Chinese doctors and the differences with our system, especially in terms of the patient-doctor relationship. You will visit a new department every week (with the possibility of half-days in traditional Chinese medicine), which allows a very varied clinical exposure as well as a multitude of beautiful meetings.

Here are some examples of departments that could be part of the internship:

1) Pediatrics

2) Orthopedics

3) Hepato-biliary surgery

4) Pulmonology

5) Endocrinology

6) Traditional Chinese Medicine

7) Gastroenterology

8) Gyneco-obstetrics

NB Departments vary from year to year


If you want to experience the energizing atmosphere of a large population, see a real rush hour at the metro, discover a new gastronomy of an incredible wealth, visit historic places, admire the most beautiful landscapes of your life, Guilin is the place to be. city ​​for you. If you want to meet the most generous doctors and students ever, learn about Chinese culture and ultimately if you are ready to live away from home for 5 weeks with 4 of your wonderful colleagues, SCOI China is for you!

Video montage of the experience of students who completed a SCOI in China in 2017!


You will have to plan the money to pay for your pre-departure vaccination, your plane ticket (around $ 1100-2000), the doctors and the organizers responsible for the course (6000 Yuan / person, coming back to 1200 $ Canadian), your accommodation at the hostel (see above), the Mandarin course (optional but very useful) and food / recreation. TO KNOW: the plane ticket is sometimes expensive to go, but the cost of living is very reasonable in Guilin and in China!


1) Be able to speak and understand English well: doctors and students will only be able to communicate with you in this language.

2) Love to discover and embark on adventure, even on the other side of the planet. This course is not ideal for those who always want to stay in their comfort zone.

3) Although this internship is done in a clinical setting, there remains an important emphasis on the aspect of immersion and cultural discovery. SCOI focuses more on the introduction to various socio-cultural aspects, local realities and life in general in the host country. If you are expecting a purely hospital-based internship where you will “replace and become” local externs and interns, it will unfortunately be a disappointing experience.

Hope to meet you,

SCOI 2015 – 2017 teams