IFMSA-Quebec’s event calendar!

How to use

  • Favorite: You can bookmark this page and refer to it when you want to see upcoming events.
  • Integrate with your Google calendar: You can also add this calendar to your personal Google Calendar by pressing the small blue + (bottom right of the Calendar).
  • Personalization: Use the arrow at the top right of the calendar to choose only the events that concern you by unchecking those that are irrelevant.

The IFMSA-QC calendar will be updated as the year progresses, so stay tuned for new IFMSA events!


  • For everyone: Online conferences, meetings and events accessible to everyone on the four campuses
  • Restricted: Events for the national team, the EC, etc. (Not open to all)
  • McGill: Events for McGill University only and exams
  • UdeM: Events for the University of Montreal only and exams
  • UdeL: Events for Université de Laval only and exams
  • UdeS: Events for one of the three campuses of the University of Sherbrooke only and exams
  • Break and others: Breaks and events that may conflict with IFMSA events