Day 4

Day 4

This morning, we did not have a complete SCORE session, as the Exchange Fair was planned for noon. However, Jouhayna and I both attended a small part of the Presidents’ session while there was a discussion on the Memorandum of Understanding with ECFMG (see previous post for details). There were extensive discussions and we were planning on joining hands with other NMOs to write a statement against it. However, just before we started working on the statement, we found out that it was being withdrawn. Even though I wanted us to work on the statement so I learn more on how it gets done, I was really happy to see the Memorandum of Understand did not go through, as it would not benefit IFMSA and might come with privacy-related and legal issues.


After our short but insightful attendance at the “big guys’ session”, we had to rush to the Exchange Fair (or AF – Application Form – Market) to set up our kiosk. The goal of this Fair is to allow each NMO to promote their exchange program, their country, universities, social programs, etc. It is also an opportunity to exchange important documents that we need to give to students, namely invitations letters. It allowed us to solve a few issues regarding research exchanges with a few countries (regarding visas, exchange conditions, etc.), advertise Quebec and discuss contracts with countries we still do not have an exchange partnership with (the United Kingdom for example). It was an incredible hour where you could move from table to table, as if you were moving from country to country! While I loved the Fair, I have to admit it was pretty chaotic and a little short given the tasks we had (stay at our kiosk to promote Quebec and run after other NMOs at the same time, while trying to enjoy the Fair). We will suggest a small change in the organization of the Exchange Fair: either make it longer, or allow people involved in exchanges to communicate alone before allowing other students to attend.


In the evening, the plenary included discussions on several topics. The funniest one was a motion to include an Arabic translation of the IFMSA name. While I believe it was important to pass, different NMOs started disagreeing on what the exact translation should be. Of course, non-Arabic speakers were slightly confused! Later in the plenary, the Memorandum of Understanding with ECFMG was officially withdrawn, and other policy statements were adopted. I was very happy to see the Policy Statement on Syria passing nemo contra, as well as others including one on the LGBT community’s health (while it was much more controversial, I am happy it passed).


We are sadly one day closer to the end of the GA but the exhaustion is still far from taking us down! Who says you can’t be functional with two hours of sleep every day? I’ll leave you with a random inspiring song to me.


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