day 1-2 for wenzhen

day 1-2 for wenzhen

Day 1:

Première journée au GA, nous avons eu l’honneur de rencontrer le président du Taiwan et d’entendre son discours. C’est  la deuxième fois qu’il reçoit les étudiants d’IFMSA. Dans son discours, il accorde beaucoup d’importance aux initiatives étudiantes et les encouragent beaucoup.


Day 2 :

We start the day with the SCOPH session. Even if I am the NO of global health, but because global health doesn’t exist yet at an international level, so I attend the SCOPH session (which work also with topics of global health). I met our regional assistant of SCOPH and the other NPOs of PAMSA. We talk about the differences between public health, the international health and the global health. It’s really important to make a clear distinction of these three topics because they have distincts issues and the type of intervention is different too. (ex: international health is much more a bilateral helping plan between a rich country and a poorer country. global health is more a collaboration of all the countries to achieve a health care equity)


We also spend 2 hours to talk about the policy statements which are concerning the issues of SCOPH (alcohol abuse, the social determinant of health and NCDs). By reading the policy statements of IFMSA, it helped me to better understand how a policy statement works and I also have learned about a lot of other issues that I didn’t really konw before.


In the afternoon, I presented our project « My Planet, my Health » for the Rex Crossley Award. This project is one of the 10 best projects of IFMSA and by giving a presentation of 5 min in front of the other delegates, I can make it known by the other NMOs and for those who are interested, we can collaborate to implement this project in their local committees. The presentation went so well. By building this presentation, I really work on the technics of public speaking and build my self confidence while giving a speech. I received many positif commentaries after my presentation. Here I want to thank my delegation for helping me to improve my presentation and for supporting me.

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