PAHO conference

This afternoon, there was a conference on ethnicity from PAHO which is the Pan American division of the World Health Organization. It was really interesting to see that there are many things that are similar between north America and South America. A lot of the problems we have facing health in indigenous populations and other cultural populations […]

10 choses

10 messages que j’ai retenus au RM La violence obstétrique existe sous plusieurs formes, en particulier sous la forme d’une médicalisation souvent non nécessaire de l’accouchement et d’un traitement froid, dégradant et/ou culpabilisant du personnel soignant. La criminalisation de l’avortement n’arrête pas les avortements, elle arrête uniquement les avortements sécuritaires. Dans les pays où l’avortement […]

8h de sommeil les 4 premiers jours

J’arrive à Trujillo pour le Pre-RM (Pre-Regional Meeting) affaibli par le manque de sommeil (je n’arrive pas à dormir en position assise dans un avion), mais tout de suite je dois embarquer dans le rythme de vie abracadabrant d’une rencontre régionale! C’est un programme très chargé, très complet avec tout plein d’activités, mais ceux qui […]

Pérou, les 1001 péripéties

[Premier jour] Telle une catastrophe ambulante, je suis arrivée au Pérou à 6h du matin, à peine éveillée après mes dizaines d’heures de vol, un jour après le début du RM pour cause de contraintes académiques. À ma belle surprise, j’ai eu droit à un lift de Jhon, le président d’IFMSA-Peru, qui est venu me chercher généreusement […]

Ciao Lima

It’s time to leave already. End of the line. Fin. The week flew by and yet it still feels like I just got here yesterday. It’s easy to get carried away in the moment (and boy was I living in a different planet and universe altogether this week), which makes a little post-partem reflection all […]

At last ♪


If you ever have the chance to attend an IFMSA meeting, just do it. Life-changing ✓ Creative energy ✓ Inspirational ✓ Discussing global health ✓ Giving great workshops ✓ Discovering new cultures ✓ Mentoring new IFMSAians ✓ Learning from others ✓ Creating long-lasting friendships ✓ Taking the time to meet new NMOs, learning about their […]

RM in Lima, part III

Hi everyone, Getting back was a bit of a struggle because of a snowstorm, but here I am, back in Quebec City. Yes, I do miss Lima’s oppressive heat. However, this is not what I will miss the most. The Regional Meeting has been such an amazing experience. Attending the SCORE sessions gave me a […]

RM in Lima, part II

Hi everyone, Today is the third day of the congress. I can’t believe I’m already halfway through! Three days might not seem like a lot but with all the activities we have, it feels enormous. The schedule is pretty much from 9am to 8pm every day. In the morning, we have sessions with our standing […]

RM in Lima, part I

Hello everyone, Today, I am lounging poolside waiting for the meeting to start tomorrow. I am enjoying those last hours of relaxation because I won’t be able to get any rest during the meeting. But first thing first: my name is Philippe Lamarre and I am a second year medical student at Université Laval. My […]

Que calor!

It seems like there has never has there been fewer hours in a day. Seriously. From SMW (small working groups) to plenaries to theme events to acticities and research fairs, you really begin to wonder how all of it fits in 8 to 8 sessions. Add the after hours to the mix and you get […]