My RM experience has come full circle

The end of any event always fills me up with a bag of mixed emotions; the RM 2016 in Uruguay was not any different.  This time, I felt euphoric, hopeful, proud, inspired, happy, lighthearted, slightly heavyhearted, relieved, content, fulfilled, amazed, pensive, and nostalgic – all at the same time.  All that I had anticipated from […]

SCOPH loves you more


After the whirlwind that was the 2016 Regional Meeting of the Americas, I finally have a moment to write my final blog post. Just a moment, because I still have to make my final RA report and start working on outcomes. I am very satisfied with the entire RM! I wouldn’t have done anything differently. […]

Derniers jours du RM

Et voilà, le RM a pris fin hier et aujourd’hui, on repart pour le Québec, sa neige, son froid, les études et la bibliothèque. Notre vol à destination de Washington a été annulé, donc on ne sait pas encore ce qui va arriver à Sao Paulo. En espérant ne pas avoir trop d’heures à attendre. […]

Learning from each other

Poster fair

My days have been filled with workshops and training sessions scheduled back to back.  Never a dull moment.  There were two major occasions when delegates from different countries presented their most successful health projects.  One was the activities fair; the other the poster fair.  The former was based on advocacy projects; the latter on health […]

In the beginning of RM2016….

January 17, 2016.  The first night.  At 20h30, the delegates from Québec went down to the mezzanine to join the other delegates for the opening ceremony.  On arriving, the floor was already full of people.  Everyone was waiting to enter the hall.  As we waited, I made a panoramic mental picture of the mezzanine.  Everyone […]

I’m now a LEADer

Hola chic@s, con permiso porfa. Donc, le pre-RM LEAD s’est terminé en beauté hier, avec nos derniers ateliers et la présentation de notre  »entreprise ». La deuxième journée était assez bien quoi que c’était beaucoup de choses que je savais déjà (policy statements que j’ai déjà écrits, project management, etc.). Nous avons eu la chance de […]