The Mexican Sickness

Day 4. As I awake I hurrily pay attention for nausea: it is hard to decipher if it from an alien agent, or from the 1.5 hours of sleep I had last night. After breakfast, I focus my attention for symptoms that would confirm the hazard: fortunately, no upset stomach. I look at delegations around […]

The feeling of a Mexican GA

What is the feeling of being at the GA in Mexico so far ? That’s a trick question; after one day of sheer chaos and existential desequilibrium, there is no clear feeling, but rather the constant yearning for a state of clarity, however ephemeral and vanishing. A quick update on the last post: yes, in […]

Lost in translation: the RM highlights party mix.

International IFMSA meetings will always be lost in translation. Yes, in a literal way one might say, the event takes shape – for the Americas at least – through English, Spanish, Portuguese and French speakers, with over 160 students from different backgrounds and conceptions of health, medicine and social justice. Then on a more philosophical plane, there are […]

« We can siesta when we’re dead » (first impressions on the Pre-RM workshop)

Context: We arrived two days ago, safely for the most part (« for the most part », i.e. William was taken hostage for 8 hours in Sao Paulo and reached us only around midnight). We are anything but rested, yet thoroughly amazed by the sheer fact that the Southern Hemisphere is bathed in summer. There are greens here, so much […]