At last ♪


If you ever have the chance to attend an IFMSA meeting, just do it. Life-changing ✓ Creative energy ✓ Inspirational ✓ Discussing global health ✓ Giving great workshops ✓ Discovering new cultures ✓ Mentoring new IFMSAians ✓ Learning from others ✓ Creating long-lasting friendships ✓ Taking the time to meet new NMOs, learning about their […]

RM take 3


They say third time’s a charm Going to another RM, there’s no harm Colombia – Uruguay – Peru Who knew? Oh how the time flew! From SCOPH participant to SCOPH RA In the RDTeam this year, hooray! External Representation is fun, you’ll see And trainings on how to create policy Let’s talk about climate change […]

SCOPH loves you more


After the whirlwind that was the 2016 Regional Meeting of the Americas, I finally have a moment to write my final blog post. Just a moment, because I still have to make my final RA report and start working on outcomes. I am very satisfied with the entire RM! I wouldn’t have done anything differently. […]

A home away from home


I am having a great time in Uruguay. We arrived in sunny Montevideo yesterday, and had the day to explore the city and the boardwalk. It feels different coming to the preRM as SCOPH Regional Assistant. I already know all the logistics and agendas; the element of surprise has diminished. Nonetheless, I feel like I […]

The end of the GA

This is it. The SCOPH sessions are over, my bags are packed and there is one more plenary left. I feel like I have been in Macedonia for so long, and that it’s normal to hang out with my friends from around the world. If I had to explain IFMSA I would say that it’s […]

My impressions of the GA

The GA so far has been a great experience. Being a part of the SCOPH Sessions Team has been greater than expected. I have learned so much from the SCOPH-D, the RAs and the other active SCOPH members in the Sessions Team. Watching them work, delegate tasks and keep the SCOPHians happy, from behind the […]

The preGA in Ohrid


I chose to attend the external representation (ER) preGA at the AM2015. I was actually very excited that these sessions were offered to us. ER is one of my newest interests as I hope to promote health on a higher platform. As a local public health officer for almost 2 years, I have always organized […]

Mes objectifs pour le AM2015


Le AM2015 va être mon premier GA. J’ai hâte à cette nouvelle expérience et j’ai plusieurs objectifs à atteindre. Espérant que je suis douée au tire à l’arc. 1. Apprendre de mes collègues du SCOPH Sessions Team 2. Améliorer mon leadership et mes habiletés de présentations orales 3. M’informer sur divers sujets concernant la Santé […]

A Reintroduction


To add to the previous introduction I had made for the 2015 Regional Meeting in Colombia, here are some more fun facts about me. Always looking to learn new things Loves Public Health related issues Integrates the skills learned during her TNT in her everyday life Never gives up on project ideas Especially loves meeting […]