At last ♪

At last ♪

If you ever have the chance to attend an IFMSA meeting, just do it.

Life-changing ✓
Creative energy ✓
Inspirational ✓
Discussing global health ✓
Giving great workshops ✓
Discovering new cultures ✓
Mentoring new IFMSAians ✓
Learning from others ✓
Creating long-lasting friendships ✓

Taking the time to meet new NMOs, learning about their country’s strengths and weaknesses, and starting conversations on global health are some of the things I was able to accomplish during this week-long conference.

Approaching our active members and seeing how they would like me to help them improve their external representation was the main objective of my participation. I was also very honoured to be part of Presidents’ Sessions. I finally got to see the behind-the-scences of our Federation and contribute to it.

I am very happy to have some clear outcomes after this RM.  I will focus my efforts on the list below throughout my term:

1. Meet with the Americas’ VPE to discuss about the roles of a VPE
2. Encourage members to be part of IFMSA policy commisions
3. Follow up on our FELSOCEM and UNASUR partnerships
4. Share the template for partnership proposals
5. Share the material regarding policy documents
6. Encourage all NMO presidents to develop one national Policy Statement after the RM
7. Refine our relationship with PAHO

Finally, I’d like to thank IFMSA-Québec and IFMSA for this fruitful opportunity.

At last, to all the new IFMSAians in the world: Always be open to new things, always be open to new people.

Our IFMSA-Québec delegation
The Americas’ NMO Presidents