AME Puerto Vallarta / México parte 2

AME Puerto Vallarta / México parte 2

After attending the SRT in León, México, I decided to continue my adventure in Puerto Vallarta.

My expectations:
Beach ✓
Hot weather ✓
Delicious tacos ✓

The local IFMSA Committee, AME PV, was there to greet Frida and I (see previous post about the SRT) at the bus station. They made us feel at home! Just as we were enjoying the beautiful city of Puerto Vallarta, the local President, Norberto, asked us for a favor that we gladly accepted.

The request aka the unexpected:
Giving a training on communication and team building the next morning.

Having just facilitated my first SCOPH session during the SRT, I was comfortable with the request. However, I had never given a training on team building before. With Frida’s help, I prepared a presentation very quickly. She is the General Coordinator for the Training Support Division of IFMSA-México, and was therefore very resourceful.

The next morning, we gave both sessions. It was a success! It was actually AME PV first training ever. Norberto had created the committee at his university only one year ago, and here we were, helping them grow their committee.

I was extremely impressed by their efforts and the work they had achieved in Puerto Vallarta in only one year’s work. I hope they will use the skills we taught them to better their committee and better themselves.

Here are some photos of us 🙂
PV 2
PV 3

I would like to take a moment to thank
– Norberto, for hosting Frida and I in Puerto Vallarta
– Diana, for helping me learn Spanish
– Montse, for making my experience unforgettable
– Erica, for showing me around Puerto Vallarta
– AME PV, for being such a motivated TEAM.

I really enjoyed my experience with AME PV, a local committee of IFMSA-México. I encourage all of you to travel and gain insight on how things are different yet somehow similar to your reality around the world.

As Gandhi said : « Be the change you want to see in the world. ». « But first, meet the world. » as my good friend Bryan Priego, the National Officer for the Training Support Division in IFMSA-México, added.

Talk to you soon,
Aline D. Khatchikian
SCOPH – Standing Committee on Public Health