A Reintroduction

A Reintroduction

To add to the previous introduction I had made for the 2015 Regional Meeting in Colombia, here are some more fun facts about me.

Always looking to learn new things
Loves Public Health related issues
Integrates the skills learned during her TNT in her everyday life
Never gives up on project ideas
Especially loves meeting international medical student

Dreams of a better, healthier, eco friendly world

Kind, smiley and ambitious
Has the experience of being a Local Public Health officer for two years
Amazed by the creativity of IFMSA members
Training others is the key to peer education
Can’t wait to make new partnerships with NGOs and health organisations
Has been elected as IFMSA-Quebec campus coordinator at Laval University
Is coordinating an organ donation campaign in all 6 medical campuses of Quebec
Knowledge on international affairs is of utmost importance to her
Is going to be a member of IFMSA-Quebec’s Board of Directors
August Meeting 2015 is going to be an unforgettable adventure
Nostalgic about past IFMSA meetings

Loves to inspire others to create health related campaigns
Open to discovering new cultures during IFMSA meetings
Vows to share her IFMSA experiences with other IFMSA-Quebec members
External representation interests her greatly
Selected to be part of the SCOPH Sessions Team during the August Meeting

Seeks to better her leadership skills through experience
Can’t seem to get enough of the IFMSA culture
Organized the first IFMSA Public Health Training at the SRT in Mexico
Plans on becoming a health advocate as a doctor
Hopes to meet many other SCOPHeroes at the August Meeting in Macedonia

Orange Hugs!