Just About Anything

Just About Anything

I’m walking outside the general assembly hall, putting my left foot in front to then bring my right foot upfront to lead the way. I kept on doing so but there were variations, such as when I had to go up the stairs. Going up usually two steps at a time, I would lift the foot that’s in back and bring it to the front to be able to succumb that obstacle.

Anyways, weather’s relatively bad as it is relatively good : that covers the weather aspect of this article.

I had just gone through the contract fair, that went fairly well. All the contracts were signed on time. Thankfully I had minions (Camille and Max) to help me out. I would like to take a line of this article to thank them.

Reform, reform, reform, reform and reform. Why 5 times? It’s to put emphasis on the main theme of this August Meeting. Heated debates obviously occurred. The question here is which good intention leads to the proper decision. Voting helps to determine that.

My committee, SCOPE, doesn’t really need much reform but needs some polishing. Indeed, exchanges work fairly well. Out of this world fact : they are the foundation of this association.

Almost lastly, plenaries lasted very long. That was long. It was very long because of the motivation of our members to apply to posts. We listened to their speeches prior to voting on the next plenary.

To conclude, you may think that this article is going all over the place. Well it’s not. It’s the topics of the letter that are quite unrelated to a certain limit. Hope this article doesn’t make you feel like an atom flying all over the place in a 2 dimensional box. If it does, just link it to our world, and go to bed, thinking about whatever.

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