This entry is dedicated to the project fair. Camille and I had been working for days to make sure the presentation at our “Sexperts” kiosk was successful. January 7th finally came along. We were both nervous and excited, which is normal, especially because we were worried we wouldn’t be prepared in time. All of a sudden, the time came, and we found ourselves setting up the kiosk. We had set up a poster we prepared, a powerpoint presentation continuously running on our computer, and a comedy video on another computer. We also set up 3 games that we usually use in our Sexpert sessions with high school students:

1. Penis/Vagina (ice-breaker game)

2. Red-Yellow Green

3. How to PROPERLY put a condom on and to take a condom off a penis

All of these games were educational, and attracted many medical students to our kiosk. There were even times when there were more than 8 people at a time at our little kiosk. It was very, very interactive. There was a lot of laughing and cheering, and people kept bringing other delegates to join in on the fun. Of course, we would explain to our colleagues what Sexperts is, what kind of sexual health topics we cover during the sessions, and how the information is taught through interactive games with high school students. I noticed that some other LORAs and SCORA members were asking many questions and were very interested in knowing more about the project. I enjoyed discussing with them their different points of views and some differences between Québec and their countries. I feel honoured to have met such ambitious and dedicated people with whom I share common global health goals. I look forward to staying in contact with these amazing people in order to combine our efforts and ideas in order to reach our common goal. If there is one important thing I have learned this week, it is that partnership and teamwork lead to success.

However, I am slightly disappointed with myself because I was unable to visit the other kiosks during the project fair. We were so busy with our Sexperts kiosk that we forgot to leave and explore the other projects. That is the one thing I would have liked to do, because I feel like I missed a chance to make collaborations and bring back new ideas to Quebec.

I am also thankful to have had the chance to work with Camille on this project, as she is a hard-worker, and very devoted to SCORA. She has taught me a lot throughout this RM.

I am proud to say that, in the end, I believe our hard work paid off.

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