What Presidents do

In the past, I had been a few times to Presidents sessions, and fell in love with the dedication, hard work and wisdom that fills the room. While we don’t have the same energy and fun activities as in IFMSA committee sessions, the discussions are addressing very high level matters in our national organizations and with relation to the international federation. During the first few days, we discussed the history and structure of IFMSA, the strategic plan (presented by the IFMSA President), policy statements writing, IFMSA programs where we should enroll our projects, and many other topics. I was also very active during the input session on proposed changes to the internal operating guidelines (IOGs) of the Americas Region, which would allow for a better management of student-run initiatives globally.

But one of the highlights of my RM was the opportunity to help FEVESOCEM IFMSA-Venezuela, one of the national organizations of the region, with the presentation of a statement at the first plenary. With the complicated and very difficult political, social and economic situation in Venezuela, no delegate was able to make it to the Regional Meeting. It is truly an extremely sad and frustrating situation for students in Venezuela, who value so much their involvement and presence in IFMSA. The least that I could do was to stay in communication with them, and they sent me a beautiful statement for which I composed a sentimental introduction and read it to the whole Americas region. The impact was phenomenal. On the delegates of the plenary, who were moved and saddened by the extreme circumstances of Venezuela, but most importantly it impacted students in Venezuela for whom this statement was their one voice at the Regional Meeting.

Watch my statement here!