RM 2018 – The people

I’m starting to realize, after four meetings, how SPECIAL it is to meet students that live so far from Montreal, but that are so near from me in their ambitions, their aspirations and their values. As I said in my introduction to the SCOPH participants, the first day: “the best way to learn is to be passionate, and the best way to be passionate is to connect with humans.” Therefore, connecting with people during IFMSA events brings the ideal context to gain knowledge and skills to bring back home and to use to give back to the society. Helping people is, in my opinion, IFMSA’s ultimate goal, and those kinds of meetings are the propellers towards it. I would like to thank the Quebec’s delegation for being bold, big-hearted, strong independent leaders that contribute to make the world a beautiful place. Thanks to the Mexican delegation for inspiring me by being driven, generous and devoted people. Thanks to all the SCOPH participants and presenters for sharing their stories and their motivation. Y finalmente, gracias a la región de las Américas para ser mi familia de corazón. IMG_1452