MM 2018 – Blogue entry #1

My name is Sara Dionne and I am the 2017-2018 NORA for IFMSA-Québec. I’ve taken part in the SCORA sessions for this past meeting in Egypt. My main goals were to be able to learn from the activities and situations lived in other NMOs related to SCORA’s focus areas which are (in no particular order):
1- HIV and STIs
2- Gender based violence- GBV
3- Comprehensive sexual education-CSE
4- Maternal health and access to safe abortion
5- Sexual and gender identity
I also wanted to share what Québec is doing in those spheres and finally share our invitation package for the upcoming SCORA X-change in Montréal from August 9th to August 31st, right after the August Meeting 2018 also happening in Montréal.

I’d like to comment first on the SCORA sessions. These sessions have always appeared to be simply the best to me and they’ve kept being awesome during this meeting. I appreciate how SCORA sessions are about sharing and discussions, but about issues that have a potential for controversial discussions, and also concrete solutions. I meet the most sweet and passionate people in these sessions as well and the loving family vibe happening between these red T-shirt people is amazing to live. I’m very glad to have been given the chance to share this SCORA love again in March and I hope to be able to attend SCORA sessions in some way during August Meeting. For more details on what has been discussed during the SCORA sessions, feel free to read my full delegate report