Everyday has quite a lot of seconds, and seconds are not even a precise measurement, relatively of course

Today, we are the 5th day of the GA… I mean the 4th day of day. Let me explain to you why I wrote 5 instead of 4. As I was wondering what day we are, I realized that we are the 4th day. I then thought thought : wow! Already! But how many days are there in a GA? I thought it was 5… I was wrong tho, it’s 7…

So. What happened in my relatively meaningless day? Today was the contract fair, the core of the why of my presence. It went great! I thought I would drop my pen on the floor at least once and that happening didn’t even happen to happen! I signed as planned and made 2 desperate sounding countries happy not because they were desperate tho (although I do personally have empathy towards desperate people… but desperate does not equal equity all the time). We were able to sign everything we wanted and to obtain all the conditions we were looking for.

Now here’s something original. The past! During the 3rd day of the GA, I presented an IFMSA-Quebec project called “Curieux mangeurs”. Apparently people found it great. Maybe it’s because I talked about how important fun is. Fun is the meaning of life homies! I’m sick of talking about the past. It just annoys… and seems more and more meaningless the closer my cells get to lose their capacities to regenerate.

P.S : I do not know the meaning of life yet… it might be fun tho, like it might be simply not falling down stairs.


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