Conferences and Colloquiums

 Sub-Regional Training in Mexico

Aline D. Khatchikian, IFMSA-Québec’s campus coordinator for Laval University, tgave a training in public health during the Sub-Regional Training of IFMSA in Mexico, qhich took place from June 18-22 in Leon.

World Health Assembly 2015

IFMSA-Quebec would like to highlight the work and the presence of its members at the World Health Assembly in Geneva : Claudel P-Desrosiers, the elect national officer on global health; Maxime Leroux-La Pierre, national officer on immersions, as well as Yassen Tcholakov & Jouhayna Bentaleb from the  board of directors. The World Health Assembly took place from May 18-26 in Geneva.


 The Canadian Conference on Medical Education 2015 (CCME)

Camille Pelletier Vernooy, president of IFMSA-Québec 2015-2015, represented Quebec at CCME on April 25-28 in Vancouver. The SCOI (Immersions) pre-departure training was presented during the Canadian Conference on Medical Education in Vancouver, by our national officer on Immersions, Maxime Leroux-La Pierre. The founders of the project INcommunity, Marc-André Lavallée and Anne-Sophie Tommeret-Carrière, also presented SocialMED, a new initiative to raise awareness on vulnerable population during the medical clerkship.

Congresso internacional de estudiantes de medicina

FMSA-Quebec was presente at the IV CIEM Dr Francisco Guel Jiménez in Aguascalientes in Mexique on April 15-17 to discuss public and global health issues. Our Vice-president of internal affairs 2014-2015, LAnne-Lou McNeil-Gauthier, shared IFMSA-Quebec’s expertise on global health and advocacy, among other things.

Forum Action Climat

IFMSA-Quebec was present at the auForum Action Climat on April 13 2015 in Quebec city, which gathered civil society in the hopes to influence energy politics, in order to fight limate change.  Our national officer on global health, Wenzhen Zuo, discussed the negative impacts of climate change on health and the medical youth’s will to act.

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Maxime Leroux-La Pierre and Yassen Tcholakov presented the SCOI (Immersions) during the Consortium of Univsersities for Global Health on March 27 2015 in Boston.

March Meeting 64e Assemblée Générale d’IFMSA

Quebec’s medical students were at the General Assembly of the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), on March 2-8 2015 in Antalya, Turkey. IFMSA-Québec was represented by Weronika Jakubowska, Alexander Lachapelle, Djamila Saad, Kelly Lau, Laurie Dolcé, Léa Boutin, Chérine Zaim, Patrick Ackar and Camille Pelletier Vernooy.

Regional Meeting of Americas of IFMSA

On January 3-11 2015, IFMSA-Quebec was atthe Regional Meeting of the Americas of IFMSA in  Cali, Colombia. The delegation was composed of Xiya Ma, Anne-Lou McNeil-Gauthier, Aline D. Khatichikian, Philippe Cajolet, Camille Duranceau and Camille Pelletier Vernooy.

Canadian Conference on Global Health 2014

IFMSA-Québec was at the Canadian Conference on Global Health, which took place on November 2-4 in Ottawa.

WHO Conference on Climate and Health Claudel P-Desrosiers et Yassen Tcholakov à Genève

Geneva, August 27-28 2014

Claudel P-Desrosiers and Yassen Tcholakov were at the WHO’s first conference on climate and health. Their experiences have been published in Le Devoir and Huffington Post CanadaIFMSA-Quebec would also like to highlight the presence of Kelly Lau, medical student at McGill and intern at the WHO.

64th August Meeting of IFMSA

Taipei, Taiwan, August 5-10 2014

IFMSA-Quebec is proud to have won second place for the best IFMSA project for the project My Planet, My Health, presented by Wenzhen Zuo. Let’s also note the election of Yassen Tcholakov on the Supervising Council of IFMSA for a second mandate. Finally, IFMSA-Quebec came back with many newly signed contracts of exchanges thanks to our national officers of exchanges, Peter Maliha and David Alexandre Galiano.

The delegation : Claudel P.-Desrosiers, Peter Maliha, David Alexandre Galiano, Wenzhen Zuo, Yassen Tcholakov, Maxime Leroux-La Pierre and Camille Pelletier Vernooy

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Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Washington, May 2014

Presentation of SCOI-immersions.

yassen et jouhayna_WHA67th World Health Assembly

WHO, Geneva, May 19-24 2014:

Two members of IFMSA-Québec, Jouhayna Bentaleb and Yassen Tcholakov, were in Geneva to attend the 67th World Health Assembly, organized by the WHO. The University of Montréal published an article on this matter.

Conference PEGASUS, Peace, Global Health & Sustainability

Toronto, May 2 2014

Our project “INcommunity” was presented at the conference PEGASUS in Toronto by Myrrha Arragon and Delphine Roussel-Bergeron.

The Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME)

Ottawa, April 25-26 avril 2014

Claudel P.-Desrosiers was at the CCME to represent Quebec’s medical students. The FMEQ also gained the voting position on the global health group of the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada. This position will be filled by the FMEQ’s delegate for international affairs (IFMSA-Quebec’s president).

63rd General Assembly of IFMSA

Hammamet, Tunisia, March 3-9 2014

The delegation: Claudel P.-Desrosiers, Jouhayna Bentaleb, Mathieu Hains, Patrick Achkar, Anne Paquette-Tremblay, Maxime Leroux-La Pierre, Joel Neves Briard, Frédéric Morin and Camille Pelletier Vernooy

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Regional Meeting of the Americas of IFMSA

Panama city, Panama, January 3-11 2014

The delegation: Stéphanie Lanthier-Labonté, Audrey-Anne Chevrier, Chérine Zaim, Peiyin Zhang, Camille Marcoux, Sara Khalifé and Maxime Leroux-La Pierre

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