This page pertains to clinical and research exchanges. In order to know more about immersions in the community, please see the section SCOI – International Initiatives.

To see the list of countries offering SCOPE internships, click here.

To see the list of countries offering SCORE internships, click here.

For more information, feel free to read the Charte des échanges.

General procedure

Internships are of a duration of 4 weeks. You can choose the period of 4 weeks that works best for you within the following IFMSA year, which is from April to March of the next year. However, you have to make sure that the countries you want to go are available during those dates (scroll down for the link to the exchange conditions for each country).

Two types of exchanges are offered: bilateral or unilateral.

Bilateral exchange


  • Internship
  • Housing
  • 1 meal per day (or equivalent pocket money)
  • Social program (varies depending on the country and the exchange period)


Provide a refundable deposit of 500$: you have to pay a deposit of 500$, which covers accommodation for your exchange. If you host a foreign student at your place (or you find an accommodation for him/her), the deposit will be refunded to you. If you are not able to provide accommodation for a foreign student, IFMSA-Quebec will be in charge to do it and the 500$ will not be refunded.

The accommodation provided has to cover the whole exchange period of the foreign student (4 weeks) and has to respect these conditions:

    • Must have a furnished private room for the foreign student
    • Must allow free access to the kitchen (oven, fridge, sink, plates, utensils, cups, etc.) and a bathroom with hot water
    • Must be clean and safe, and include electricity, drinkable water and winter heating
    • Must be close to the internship place of the student (accessible in max 45 min by public transit)

Please note that, whether you host a foreign student or not, the accommodation of your exchange will be provided by the host country, so you will not have to pay additional fees when you get there.

Cost of a bilateral exchange

Registration fees 365$
Housing deposit 500$ (check cashed)
Fees to the hosting country -
Total 365$

Unilateral exchange


  • Internship
  • Social program
  • Housing and boarding (1 meal/day) are organized, but are paid by the student.


Fees have to be paid to the hosting student association to cover the fees of housing and boarding. They can vary from country to country (from 100 to 500 euros depending on the country).

Cost of a unilateral exchange

Registration fees 245$
Housing deposit -
Fees to the hosting country Country-specific
Total 245$ + fees to hosting country

You can choose whether you want only unilateral or bilateral exchanges in the application form. However, please note that there are more bilateral than unilateral exchanges.

Application process

The online application form will allow you to apply for clinical and research placements, as well as immersions. For more information about the immersions, please see SCOI – International Initiatives.

In this form, you will have the chance to choose the type of intership you want along with the country. You will have the possibility to apply for as many countries as you want and put them in your preference order.


Fill in the online application form by choosing all the countries you are interested in and the type of internship you want to do. The more you put options, the higher your chances of going abroad and completing an internship over the next IFMSA year. Before choosing a country, please read the exchange conditions carefully. If you do not meet the selection criteria, you will not be granted this intership:

Note: Filling in the form is not a commitment in any way. It will be possible for you to refuse the offer after the attribution.


DEADLINE: OCTOBER 20th, 2017 , 23:59

Note: When you will get your answer, a country will be offered. You cannot change countries at that point. If you reject the offer for that country, you will be put at the end of the waiting list.

If you accept the offer, you will sign an engagement contract with your LEO/LORE and you will have to pay the exchange fees.

Note: The plane ticket is paid by the student. Registration fees can be reiumbursed only if the hosting country does not give answers or does not respect the agreed deadlines. If you decide to go in spite of the delays, fees will not be reimbursed.

The choice of cities and departments will be done online via an electronic application that will be given to you. You list three cities and four departments in order of preference, amongt those available.

You must send the documents required by the hosting country in the exchange conditions.

Documents will be sent to the hosting country, who confirms the internship and the dates. Please bear in mind that the hosting country does not have to provide you with your first choices. The country tries to accommodate, in order of priority, the dates, the internship and then the city.

Note: The date at which we receive an answer from the hosting country varies. According to the IFMSA bylaws, hosting countries have to give an answer at least 2 months before the first day of the internship.

Finally, you buy your plane ticket (it is not provided by IFMSA-Québec).

Have a good internship and nice trip!

Please note that the clinical exchanges are open to students who, before the first day of the internship, will have completed their second year (for Laval, that would be third year, or second depending of the track chosen). Some countries offer pre-clinical exchanges as a part of the SCOPE program (see exchange conditions). The internship can also be completed within 6 months after the completion of the medical studies.

Students are also responsible to obtain a visa, if applicable, by communicating with the appropriate embassy or consulate.

Offers are not transferable and are applicable only for the period for which they were granted. Offers do not comprise any privilege over another internship for the next IFMSA year.

A student who decides to cancel his internship once the contract is signed (no matter the reason, e.g. not getting a visa) will not be getting a reimbursement of the registration fees or the housing fees. It is recommended to print the exchange conditions in order to keep a written proof of the conditions to which the student agreed to.

Pre-departure training

A pre-departure training will be organized in February or March. It is mandatory for all students who will be completing an internship with IFMSA (clinical or research). If you are chosen for an internship, you must attend this training, which pertains to multiculturalism, the ethics of going abroad as well as the logistics of IFMSA internship internationally.

Student’s responsibilities

  • Respect the exchange conditions of the hosting countries.
  • Pay the exchange fees.
  • Attend the pre-departure training.
  • Complete the internship.
  • Fill in the evaluation form after the internship.

In order to get your internship credited

It is possible to get credits for you internship abroad. The medical faculties recognize the IFMSA internship. You must take the necessary steps yourself. Please refer to your clerkship coordinator for more details.

Cultural differences and languages

You have to expect significant cultural and medical differences. You also have to be flexible and understanding, bearing in mind that medical students are responsible for organizing everything. You have to make sure that your expectations are set according to the hosting country and what it can offer. With regards to language, you can expect your supervisor to speak English, but many of the conversations will likely not be translated. It is not required to speak the local language, except in certain countries, but one has to be aware of the limitations this entails.