Curious Eaters

The Curious Eaters project is a fun and interactive workshop for children in kindergarten, first and second grade. Two main themes are addressed: the discovery of fruits and vegetables as well as the various ways fun to be active.

The Curious Eaters project is a collaboration between students from the Department of Nutrition and from the Department of Medicine of the University of Montreal. The content of the workshop has been fully endorsed by many nutritionists. All presenters are university students in health-related fields. Before presenting in schools, students must attend a training day to familiarize themselves with the content of the workshop and to provide a good quality presentation to children.


The main objective of the project is to stimulate the curiosity of the children to discover various fruits and vegetables available in their environment but that they don’t tend to eat. The workshop doesn’t prohibit any food and doesn’t in any way preach or disapprove of the food choices of children or of their parents. The goal is only to expose the child to the great food and variety available to break the habit of choosing certain foods and neglecting others.

The same principle applies to the theme of physical activity. The workshop encourages children to discover some activities that will entertain and keep them active. The goal of this approach is to amuse the children and offer some educational concepts without marginalizing them.


Our workshops last between 45 and 60 minutes. They are made by a team of three animators who play funny and costumed characters in three scenarios: a traveler, a dinosaur, a farmer and a king/queen (played by the teacher).

Teachers are encouraged to actively participate in the workshop with a simple role that requires no prior preparation, which is the king/queen. Animators explain his/her role and give him/her guidelines to follow.

The activity begins with the traveler who, with the participation of the children, helps the dinosaur stop eating trees from the beautiful forest by allowing him to discover other food and various ways to make them delicious. To do so, the traveler meets a farmer who then presents all kinds of fruits and vegetables that he grows on his farm. Thereafter, the traveler seeks the help from the classroom to build a mascot with pictures of food made ​​by the farmer.

The final scenario involves the king/queen (the teacher) who is bored and asks the traveler and his people (students) to amuse him/her by miming all kinds of activities that can keep them active. At the end of the workshop, a recipe book (approved by a nutritionist) is given to the children so they can cook with their parents, who are then invited to continue feeding that curiosity about food to their children.

This activity is completely free.

For further information or any questions, please contact

Audrey Beaulieu-Carbonneau 
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Montreal)
Yasser Foufa 
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Montreal)
Élodie Rainville 
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Mauricie)
Anne-Sophie Béland 
Co-coordinator Curious Eaters (Mauricie)