Presentations in schools

Members of the Public Health committee visit elementary and high school students to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating and lifestyle habits (Nutrition), they also speak to students to demystify mental health diseases (OSMOSE) and cover topics such as the development of self esteem (Fiers et en Forme).


Conferences are organised regularly in the different IFMSA-Québec campuses, with themes ranging from mental health to bioethics, pharmaceutical marketing, different health care systems around the world, the management of epidemics and climate change.

Theme days

Various international events, related to public health, are chosen to raise awareness such as, World Mental Health Day, World Diabetes Day, World Cancer Day, World No Tobacco Day etc. The different campuses plan activities and conferences to emphasize these causes.

For more information

Michelle Houde 
Coordinator of the Public Health Committee (NPO)