Professional Exchange (SCOPE)

The professional exchanges committee of IFMSA-Québec (SCOPE, Standing Committee on Professional Exchanges) organizes every year exchanges for medical students. In 1951, the committee of IFMSA set up a program to facilitate student exchanges . Five years later, 11 countries and 906 students had participated in clinical exchanges. In 2009, nearly 8000 students from around 90 countries have completed internships across the five continents. For more than 6 years, around 60 students go on a professional exchange every year, thanks to the professional exchange committee of IFMSA-Québec. Around the same number of students are hosted in one of the four medical faculties of Québec. Tewnty-six countries are offered to students, setting the stage for amazing and diverse opportunities for curious folks ready to discover the world and medicine at the same time.


The committee aims to give the opportunity to medical students across the globe to participate into an exchange program. The committee also strives to offer an educative cultural experience that goes beyond the traditional medical school curriculum, allowing medical students to know the different ways to practice medicine as well as the health problems of other countries.

What is a clinical exchange?

  • An opportunity to improve your medical knowledge in a specialty of your choice.
  • A vibrant cultural experience.
  • An opportunity to see the culture and witness how it can affect the clinical approach in the hospital setting.
  • A chance to see how the clinical structure and the budget dedicated to a country has an impact on its delivery of care.
  • A unique opportunity to meet medical students from all around the world.
  • An opportunity to push your limits.
  • hance to become a better physician.