Immersions (SCOI)

The international immersions committee of IFMSA-Québec (SCOI, Standing Committee on Immersions) was created a few years ago following the necessity to gather the different global health initiatives created by Québec medical students taking place abroad. Today, the committee is responsible of preparing and overlooking the clinical immersion in a low resource setting. Following the necessity to improve the pre-departure training and to teach the ethical components of international placements, the SCOI added to its mandate the promotion of pre-departure training for all students going abroad. The SCOI has also spread its activities outside of IFMSA-Québec, more specifically to the Québec faculties of medicine.

In partnership with the Québec medical faculties, the SCOI is recognized as a university course at Université de Montréal, Université de Sherbrooke and Université Laval. In addition, thanks to the CRÉPUQ and its platform of credits exchange, the SCOI can be recognized by all medical faculties within Québec.

Finally, in order to increase its long-term positive impact in the hosting communities, the SCOI continues on a pilot project this year aiming to allow a healthcare practitioner from the immersion side to live a similar experience by coming to Canada. These Canadian immersions will be entirely funded by the profit generated throughout the years from the different SCOI components and from the different universities.


The committee’s mission is to bring medical students to a high level of cultural competency and to stimulate their motivation to get engage professionally in global health later in their careers.

How do we reach our goals?

  • By ensuring training and ethical immersion of pre-clinical medical students.
  • By putting in place the training and the Canadian immersion of healthcare professional form hosting community of the SCOI program.