Human Rights & Peace

The Standing committee of Human Rights and Peace of IFMSA-Québec (SCORP) is a committee aiming to promote the respect of human rights in a context of peace. Its projects revolve around international and local issues in human roghts.


The committee has a double mission : raise awareness about the importance of human rights, particularily the right to health, as welll as the issues that endanger these rights, and as much as possible,  act to ensure the respect of everyone’s rights. To do so, the members of the committee organize conferences and campaings to raise awareness among students  and the general population. Fundraising activities for NGOs, as well as petitions, are also organized.

What is the role of human rights in healthcare?

The respect of human rights is at the core of human health. The right to health, as reknown by the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,  claims that all should have access to adequate healthcare services. However, it also includes many other rights related to the determinants of health : the right to adequate housing, healthy and nutritious food, safe working conditions, etc. A person’s health is thus affected directly and indirectly by the respect of their fundamental rights.