An amazing experience so far!

Dear readers, My name is Alexa Eberle, I am a second year medical student at Université de Montréal and I am the NEO-in for IFMSA-Québec. I am proudly representing SCOPE for our delegation at this march meeting in Budva. It is so nice to arrive here and meet so many people that I have been […]

First Days, First Impressions, First GA (August 1st and 2nd)

So many things to say…. I will start with a brief introduction: I am Lena Zotova, soon to be Med-1 student at McGill University. Being Lena is also to be the Local Research Exchange Officer for McGill, the IFMSA-Québec Vice-President of Projects elect, the youngest and less experienced of all IFMSA-Québec delegates at the AM2016, […]

A quelques jour de l’inconnu

Oups, je pensais que je devais écrire l’article en anglais: I’m now 1 week before my first ifmsa meeting ever and i anticipate it with excitation and fear. Let me explain the fear part: I started to read the preparation texts for the August Meeting and i found it quite à challenge.  I’m not used […]

En route… To Mexico!

Hello everyone, my name is Bing, and I am your National Officer of Public Health. This will be my second IFMSA general assembly, however I still feel as if it were my first one. I can only expect the unexpected, hope to meet new people and maybe reconnect with previous friendships from AM2015. My purpose is […]

Looking Back at the GA

Hi everyone, This is my last blog entry pertaining to the 2015 IFMSA August Meeting (AM). Unlike many of the others, I can’t say I was hit by post-General Assembly (GA) blues, most likely because immediately after the AM I continued to travel Europe for another three weeks with two of my best friends, visiting […]

A Brief Self-Introduction

Hi all, Greetings from beautiful, sunny, and unbearably hot Malta! My name is Michael Skulimowski. I’ve just finished my second year of medical school at Université de Montréal and am about to embark on the thrilling adventure of doing a Ph. D. I also happen to be one of the newly elected National Officers on […]

A Very Serious Cover Letter

Hello, my name is Tara D’Ignazio and I am a soon to be 2nd year medical student and the soon to be National Officer on Research Exchange of IFMSA Quebec. You might be thinking, great, I’m happy for your future exploits, but what exactly are you doing now? Let’s talk about the past: I’ve managed […]

Envisioning a greener, healthier future

The world is beginning to recognize that climate change directly threatens our health. Today, more than 100 world leaders are gathering at the UN Climate Summit in New York to make pledges on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This past week thousands of people filled the streets in 166 countries in the largest climate march the […]