Montreal Campus

The Montreal campus of the University of Montreal is very active and lively. Indeed, not only is it Canada’s biggest medical school, it is also a very engaged faculty, with students taking part to many different extracurricular activities. This campus has often been the starting point of many successful projects, which have then spread quickly to the other campuses. It is also a place where new ideas are well received and where projects are also always welcome.

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Kim Anh La
Campus coordinator, University of Montréal – Montréal Campus



Chloé Mancini and Shabnam Mirkhord
Local coordinators, SCOGH committee

Chrystelle El-Khoury and Kussil Oumedjbeur
Local coordinators, SCORA committee

Maria Alexandra Rosca and Larah Haikal
Local coordinators, SCORP committee

Youcef-Hamza Benamer and Evelyn Tran
Local coordinators, SCOPH committee

An Nan Pan and Aubert Roy
Local coordinators, SCORE committee

Jennie Zheng and Fatine Karkri
Local coordinators, SCOPE committee