Sherbrooke Campus

Through its activities and its international projects, IFMSA has put the Sherbrooke campus on the map for several years now. Through their four years of training, many students were able to combine studies and experiences abroad by participating in clinical training, research and InCommunity internships, and others have had the chance to learn about international health through internships in developing countries. In recent years, Sherbrooke has also seen the establishment of other committees of IFMSA, namely sexual health, public health, human rights and peace and global health. Joining a committee means first and foremost having a place to discuss issues dear to our hearts and having the strength of a team backing us to achieve various awareness campaigns!

Getting involved in IFMSA-Québec is taking part in raising awareness about all kinds of different health issues. Indeed, in addition to organizing local activities in Sherbrooke, campuses are in contact with each other to mobilize symbiotically so as to really make things happen on a tangible level. IFMSA-Québec writes and adopts positions on various health issues so that they can defend them on the public stage. Being involved in IFMSA-Québec is also being able to work with medical students’ associations from around the world on various issues!

Welcome to our great team everyone!

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Campus coordinator, University of Sherbrooke – Sherbrooke Campus



Charles-Eric Rivest and Aghiles Abbad
Local coordinators, SCOGH committee

Diana Oprea and Emmanuelle Cantin
Local coordinators, SCORA committee

Nickolas Gagnon and Daphée Lopresti 
Local coordinators, SCORP committee

Nouha Leflej and Heidi Dorval
Local coordinators, SCOPH committee

To be determined
Local coordinators, SCORE committee

Annabelle Chartier and Sarah Bokbot
Local coordinators, SCOPE committee