Saguenay Campus

Since 2006, the University of Sherbrooke provides medical training in Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean in collaboration with the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi. For a period of four years, the curriculum follows exactly the one given on the main campus.

The campus of Saguenay, where the four IFMSA-Québec major committees are present, brings together more than an hundred of very involved, dynamic and proactive students. Be it through OSMOSE presentations and the awareness campaign on organ donation “bonbons et bon dons”of the Standing Committe on Public Health, Sexperts workshops given by the Standing Committee on Reproductive Health, conference dinners on international medicine and humanitarian aid organized by the Standing Committee on Global Health, or the multiple fundraisings of the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace, everyone can fit in the organization and develop projects that meet their expectations.

Another particularity of the campus ? Developing activities representative of its students while meeting the needs of the local community. Just think of the OSMOSE and Sexperts workshops given in high schools and among first people communities, of the annual soccer tournament “Spread the Net “to raise funds given to organizations abroad (to buy mosquito nets) and to local organizations in Saguenay or of the IN-Community internships promoting an understandingof vulnerable populations living in Saguenay Lac St-Jean realities and you’ll be convinced.

IFMSA Saguenay also reaches beyond the very local sphere. Through various international conferences, exchange internships ,workshops and pre-departure trainings, students are encouraged to adopt a global perspective on health and to continue to open themselves up to the rest of the world.

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Campus coordinator, University of Sherbrooke – Saguenay Campus

Alyssia Nguyen and Noemy Gascon
Local coordinators, SCOGH committee

Kiana Lebel and Sarah Théberge
Local coordinators, SCORA committee

Alexe Bélanger-Poulin and Kathy Nodzynski
Local coordinators, SCOPH committee

Alyssia Nguyen and Noemy Gascon
Local coordinators, SCORP committee