McGill University

In 1829, the Faculty of Medicine was the first faculty established at McGill University and the first medical faculty in Canada. Today, its four-year medical program and one-year Med-P preparatory program for students coming out of CEGEP in Quebec include almost 900 hundred students. IFMSA-Quebec’s 7 project and exchange committees are present at McGill.

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Eugène Brailovski
Campus coordinator, McGill University

Tian Yi (Tanya) Chen and Morgane Laverdure
Local coordinators, SCOGH committee

Charles Hesswani and Yi-Hong Shao
Local coordinators, SCORA committee

David-Dan Nguyen and Hihy Girgis
Local coordinators, SCORP committee

You Jia Zhong and Vanessa Gueorguieva
Local coordinators, SCOPH committee

Casey Wang and Ke Xuan Li
Local coordinators, SCORE committee

Ghassen Soufi and Elena Llenas
Local coordinators, SCOPE committee