Beautiful People of the Americas

best head of delegation

The beauty of the work, motivation and values of students involved in IFMSA is astounding. Only in IFMSA events do I see such a dense concentration of future healthcare professionals who are actively working to build their capacity to impact health, environment, peace and justice issues of this world. This enthusiasm is particularly powerful in […]

What Presidents do

In the past, I had been a few times to Presidents sessions, and fell in love with the dedication, hard work and wisdom that fills the room. While we don’t have the same energy and fun activities as in IFMSA committee sessions, the discussions are addressing very high level matters in our national organizations and […]

From – 35 to +35


The temperature difference was shocking. My arrival to Asuncion, Paraguay happened on a “warm” day (according to locals), with only +35 degrees outside, and a burning sunshine. Warm is also the word to describe the atmosphere in which the arrival day happened. Everyone was so happy to finally meet or see again the socially committed […]

First Days, First Impressions, First GA (August 1st and 2nd)

So many things to say…. I will start with a brief introduction: I am Lena Zotova, soon to be Med-1 student at McGill University. Being Lena is also to be the Local Research Exchange Officer for McGill, the IFMSA-Québec Vice-President of Projects elect, the youngest and less experienced of all IFMSA-Québec delegates at the AM2016, […]