National Officers

IFMSA-Québec’s seven committees are each headed by a national officer whose role is to ensure the leadership of his or her committee, to support the committee’s local chapters and to organize activities at the national level that gather students from all campuses. National officers are elected by the members for a one-year mandate during Spring Congress.

Arielle Springer 
Coordinator of global health committee (NOGH)
Michelle Houde
Coordinator fo public health committee (NPO)
Yasmine Nadifi
Coordinator of reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS committee (NORA)
Romina Hassid
Coordinator of right and peace committee (NORP)
Elena Llenas
Coordinator of clinical exchanges Outgoing students (NEO-out)
Jerry Zheng
Coordinator of clinical exchanges Incoming students (NEO-in)
Adriane Meury 
Coordinator of reseach exchanges Outgoing students (NORE-in)
Nicolas Caudrelier
Coordinator of research exchages Incoming students (NORE-out)
Justine Robillard 
Coordinator of immersion exchanges (NOI)
Lisa Minh Nguyet Lam 
Coordinator of FMSS-SCOI committee