Founded in Denmark in 1951, the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations now gathers 124 associations ofmedical students from 117 countries, on six continents. Its members represent 1,3 millions medical students around the world. It is a unique non-governmental and apolitical forum, for tomorrow’s physicians to share ideas and projets on various issues concerning healthcare.

IFMSA’s mission is to “expose all medical students to humanitarian and health issues, providing them with the opportunity to educate themselves and their peers”.  All National Member Organizations of IFMSA meet twice a year during  IFMSA General Assemblies; called the March Meeting and the August Meeting.


The Pan-American Medical Students’ Association (PAMSA) is the regional IFMSA organization for the Americas. It now gathers  24 member organizations from 21 different countries. All National Member Organizations of the Americas meet once a year during the Regional Assembly, in January.

IFMSA-Québec Delegations

During every General Assembly of IFMSA and every Regional Assembly of PAMSA, IFMSA-Québec sends a delegation of medical students from different campuses of Quebec and different committees to represent Quebec’s medical students at the international federation. Since the 2011 August Meeting in Copenhague in Denmark, IFMSA-Québec’s delegates  share their experiences on a blog.

  • AM2012 : IFMSA-Québec’s delegation blog at the General Assembly in  August 2012 in Mumbai, India
  • RM2012 :IFMSA-Québec’s delegation blog at the Regional Assembly in January 2012 in Lima, Peru
  • AM2011 :IFMSA-Québec’s delegation blog at the General Assembly in August 2011 in Copenhague, Denmark

Since January 2014, IFMSA-Québec’s delegation experiences are shared on our permanent blog.