Executive Board

The governance of IFMSA-Québec is assured by an Executive Board, composed of officers elected during Spring Congress for a one-year mandate.

Transcripts of the meetings of the Executive Board for the 2016-2017 term (please note that these are only available in french):

June 19, 2016 : PV-CE01-19062016 (adopted)
July 2, 2016 : PV-CE02-02072016 (adopted)
July 20, 2016 : PV-CE03-20072016 (adopted)
August 18, 2016 : PV-CE04-18082016 (adopted)
September 7 2016 : Available shortly

The officers currently standing on the Executive Board are the following:

Djamila Saad, President

The IFMSA-Québec President has the role of overseeing the organization’s activities and well-being in accordance with its mission. He or she is responsible for the liaison between IFMSA-Québec and the Quebec Federation of Medical Students (FMEQ), where they sit as the International Affairs Delegate, as well as the relations between IFMSA-Québec and the Canadian Federation of Medical Students (CFMS). Furthermore, the President acts at the representative of the Division in IFMSA, and therefore is expected to contribute to the development of the international federation.

(Vacant) Secretary-General
The Secretary-General’s tasks pertain to the institutional memory of the Executive Board and of IFMSA-Québec, which includes but is not limited to the update of all official documentation, the convening of Executive Board meetings – with or without the presence of national officers, the drafting meeting agenda and minutes, the launch the electoral period and the creation of the Elections Committee. Furthermore, he or she is responsible for the application of the IFMSA-Québec Constitution, and its update, whenever pertinent.

Karma Abukasm, Vice-President for Internal Affairs
The Vice-President for Internal Affairs (VP Internal) has the main task of overseeing all activities and committees on all the campuses. He or she is in constant communication with the national officers of the seven committees, the six campus coordinators and all members of the Support Division. He or she coordinates all official communication to members and organizes IFMSA-Québec General Assemblies.

Charles-Antoine Barbeau-Meunier, Vice-President for External Affairs
The Vice-President for External Affairs (VP External) is, alongside the President, IFMSA-Québec’s spokesperson and representative to external organizations. He or she must maintain and expand IFMSA-Québec’s partner network, as well as negotiate partnership plans. The VP External is the official representative to local, regional and provincial media, and aims to further the organization’s visibility in the province.

Laurence Garon, Vice-President of Finances
The Vice-President of Finances (VP Finances) is responsible for the elaboration of the IFMSA-Québec annual budget, the management of fund advancements and reimbursements, as well as the surveillance of the financial state and the allocation of funds according to available resources. He or she is also tasked with the financial relations between IFMSA-Québec and IFMSA at the international level.


Lena Zotova, Vice-President of Projets

The Vice President of Projects (VP Projects) is responsible for overseeing the seven IFMSA-Québec projects across all Faculties of Medicine of Quebec , in collaboration with the coordinators of each project. The VP Projects ensures that each coordinator has all the tools necessary for the adequate operation of the project.


Executive Board 2015-2016

President : David Alexandre Galiano
General Secretary : Gabriel Lavoie
Vice-President of Internal Affairs  : Wenzhen Zuo
Vice-President of Projects  : Anne-Lou McNeil Gauthier
Vice-President of External Affairs : Djamila Saad
Vice-President of Finances : Laurence Garon

Executive Board 2014-2015

President : Camille Pelletier-Vernooy
General Secretary : Gabriel Lavoie
Vice-President of Internal Affairs  : Anne-Lou McNeil Gauthier
Vice-President of Internal Affairs : Nour Nofal
Vice-President of Finances : Chérine Zaim

Executive Board2013-2014

President : Claudel P-Desrosiers
General Secretary : Joel Neves Briard
Vice-President of Internal Affairs : David Alexandre Galiano
Vice-President of External Affairs : Laurent Darveau
Vice-President of Finances : Camille Pelletier-Vernooy

Executive Board 2012-2013

President : Claudel P-Desrosiers
General Secretary : Renée Samson-Hébert
Vice-President of Internal Affairs  : Catherine Ji
Vice-President of External Affairs : Olivier Gagné
Vice-President of Finances : Maxime Leroux-La Pierre

Executive Board 2011-2012

President : Yassen Tchokalov
General Secretary : Stéphanie Paradis
Vice-President of Internal Affairs : Laurence Bernard
Vice-President of External Affairs: Sajjid Hossain
Vice-President of Finances : Maxime Leroux-La Pierre

Executive Board 2010-2011

President : Geneviève Bois
General Secretary : Vincent Larouche
Vice-President of Internal Affairs  : Yassen Tchokalov
Vice-President of External Affairs : Alexandre Lefebvre
Vice-President of Finances : Sajjid Hossain