Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the organizational body tasked with IFMSA-Québec’s financial management, strategic governance and legal affairs. In addition, it may be assigned any other related tasks by Congress. Its powers are stipulated by the laws of Québec and Section A.5 of the IFMSA-Québec Constitution.

The Board of Directors is composed of seven members. From the Executive Board, the President and the Vice-President of Finances each hold a seat. Five directors elected by Congress for a one-year mandate complete the Board.

Minutes of the 2014-2015 Board of Directors Meetings (French only):
PV-CA01-140907 (adopted)
PV-CA02-141013 (adopted)
PV-CA03-141201 (adopted)
PV-CA04-141220 (adopted)
PV-CA05-150322 (adopted)
PV-CA06-150620 (adopted)

Other 2014-2015 Board of Directors Resolutions (French only):

The 2018-2019 Board of Directors is composed of:

Karma Abukasm, Administrator
Djamila Saad, Administrator
Zi Yue Wang, Administrator

2017-2018 Executive Board
Wenzhen Zuo, Regular administrator
Xiya Ma, Regular administrator
Marie-Eve Farley, Regular administrator

2015-2017 Executive Board
Chérine Zaïme, President
Julie Dang, Regular administrator
Aline Khatchikian, Regular administrator
Mathieu Hains, Regular administrator
Annie Lemay, Regular administrator

2014-2015 Executive Board
Joel Neves Briard, President
Weronika Jakubowska, Secretary
Chérine Zaïm, Treasurer
Camille Pelletier Vernooy, Executive President and Administrator
Yassen Tcholakov MD, MIH, Regular administrator
Catherine Ji MDCM, Regular administrator
Jouhayna Bentaleb MD, Regular administrator