Apprendre en dehors des classes


Lors de ma préparation au Regional Meeting, mon objectif principal était clair: en apprendre plus sur la santé mental, soit le thème de l’évènement, ainsi que la santé reproductive. J’appréhendais avec hâte les sessions SCORA, puisque j’ai un grand intérêt sur le sujet et que je n’avais jamais eu de formation internationale. Dès la première session, […]

Chercher le positif

Mon arrivée à Asuncion, ville d’accueil du Regional Meeting 2018, ne fût pas de tout repos. Tout d’abord, ma collègue et moi avions un long itinéraire avant de pouvoir nous y rendre, soit 2 escales et 3 vols, pour un total de 26 heures de voyage. Les péripéties débutèrent lors de notre escale à New-York. Nous n’étions pas […]

ce n’est qu’un au revoir


Aujourd’hui, c’est avec les larmes aux yeux et avec un petit pincement au cœur que nous entreprenions notre dernière journée du RM. Ma journée a commencé avec une session sur la santé mentale, qui fut très riche en émotions. Si vous me connaissez, vous savez probablement que la santé mentale est une cause incroyablement importante […]

My incredible experience in Asuncion

Day 2: Our committee sessions began this morning, and I can already see that there’s something different and special about SCORA. From the very first hours, people started opening up about their experiences with relationship abuse or mood disorders, baring their souls with tears in their eyes. Immediately, those sitting next to them would converge […]

Passion –> Ideas –> Projects


This Regional Meeting was special for me because I had the chance to be the SCOPH supports person. I helped Juan Sebastian, the Regional Assistant, in the planning of the public health sessions, and had the pleasure to deliver 4 sessions: the introduction to SCOPH, non-communicable diseases, communication & external representation and children’s health. While […]

RM 2018 – The people


I’m starting to realize, after four meetings, how SPECIAL it is to meet students that live so far from Montreal, but that are so near from me in their ambitions, their aspirations and their values. As I said in my introduction to the SCOPH participants, the first day: “the best way to learn is to […]

PAHO conference

This afternoon, there was a conference on ethnicity from PAHO which is the Pan American division of the World Health Organization. It was really interesting to see that there are many things that are similar between north America and South America. A lot of the problems we have facing health in indigenous populations and other cultural populations […]

New understandings

During the activity fair, Romina and I presented “Zombies for organ donation.” It was a pretty big success, people seemed to really enjoy the idea which I’m am proud to say comes from a student from the Chicoutimi campus of the University of Sherbrooke.  I also had fun going around and asking about different projects that are […]